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AWP Fruit Machines (PUB)

Category C - with NEW £100 Jackpots

We always stock the very latest machines on the market and have agreements with many manufacturers to 'site test' their newest machines before they are available for general release.

These machines are great earners for venues like pubs and provide customers that added source of entertainment

We are happy to supply these machines on a simple 'income-share' basis, or if you prefer, on a fixed weekly rental - The choice is yours....

Club Machines

Category B4, with NEW £400 Jackpots or ...
Category B3A (Members clubs only), with £500 Jackpots

Note:- Category B3A machines are exempt from the new MGD (Machine Games Duty) which was implemented on 1 February 2013 - There is absolutely no tax, duty or VAT to pay.

Fruit Machine SupplierThese are typically found in Members Clubs and of course, pay out the really big jackpots (up to £500).  They are the main source of income for many clubs today -  These machines typically come themed with popular TV shows for added player interest. 

The models and range of features varies tremendously and is constantly changing, so give us a call to see what's available.

Terms:  We can supply these machines on a simple income-share basis or on mutually agreed rental terms



 Quiz & Skill with Prizes Machines (SWP)

Fruit Machine SupplierThese machines are rapidly becoming 'a must' for pubs and clubs, requiring no licence fees or permits (although MGD is applicable on these machines if they pay out cash prizes)

SWP machines are often tied in with TV shows or board games and offer a high level of entertainment with relatively low cost payouts - Multiplayer tournament play is now very well proven. Successful games consistently deliver over 20% cashbox uplift. and great player interest.


Fruit Machine SupplierFruit Machine SupplierFruit Machine SupplierFruit Machine SupplierFruit Machine SupplierFruit Machine SupplierFruit Machine Supplier